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Scrunchie Variety Pack

Scrunchie Variety Pack

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We're thrilled to unveil our latest creation: scrunchies crafted from our collection of fabric scraps, turning what was once waste into something both beautiful and practical for you to enjoy!

One thing we love about  ethical and sustainable fashion is eliminating waste. While achieving zero waste in garment design remains challenging (dang near impossible), we are happy to save our fabric scraps until we find ways to repurpose them.

Introducing our scrunchie collection—we’re tickled pink to offer you items made entirely from our fabric scrap pile!

Thank you for championing sustainable and ethical fashion endeavours. Your support means the world to us (and to our planet, too)!

The Details: This listing is for the Scrunchie Variety Pack for when you just can't choose a colour! It includes three scrunchies in the colours of your choice. Scrunchies may vary in size.

The Colours: This pack has three of the colours of either mint, cactus heron, rose, and/or classic black. 

The Fabric: These scrunchies are made from cutoffs from our Iconic Doris Day skirts. 65% EcoVero viscose, 30% nylon, and 5% spandex. EcoVero looks and feels like viscose but comes with a 50% smaller carbon footprint. Made from wood pulp, this mid-weight, breathable fabric is biodegradable to boot.  

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