Look good, feel good, do good 

Sustainability & fashion haven’t always gotten along 

Vintage-inspired fashion: The aesthetic is timeless, classic, and nostalgic. It inspires feelings of wistful elegance, like walking down a lightly snowing New York street, wearing a fur hat and coat, Jackie Kennedy-esque gloves, and a set of pearls. You look beautiful, darling. 

But — record scratch — there’s the pesky fact that the textile industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. Gross.

A long-time lover of the sustainability of vintage clothing — and a long-time hater of never being able to find her size in it — Stephanie Jonsson decided to take things into her own hands. She created Clamour Clothing to recreate the fashion she loves from the past without harming the planet. 

The details: Eco-friendly everything 

At Clamour Clothing, we're all about sourcing eco-friendly materials. EcoVero, a component of our fabric of choice, is made from certified renewable wood sources (it’s biodegradable, baby!) and produced using an eco-responsible process, making it the most sustainable viscose fibre out there. We’re all in on this green journey; we’ve also sourced compostable poly mailers and other shipping goodies.

You can’t forget about the folks behind the scenes, either. Sustainability isn’t just about the environment; it’s about the people, too. Our sewists and garment makers benefit from ethical employment standards and cozy working conditions right here in Canada. Long-lasting careers contribute to a sustainable local economy. 

The best part? The quality practices, materials, and production methods make your vintage-inspired gems built to last. And these styles age gracefully; much like Diahann Carroll, they’re eternally in vogue.

A woman in a red top is using tailors chalk to draw a pattern on canvas

Clamour Clothing’s promise to you 

We’re not slowing down, either. As we grow, we promise to keep leveling up our sustainability efforts. Look out for even tighter environmental standards on the horizon. You can bet your stylish boots we're using accountable packaging, materials, manufacturing, and shipping services whenever it's doable.

At Clamour Clothing, we believe the planet — and you — deserve slow, sustainable fashion.