Process and Production

A woman in a red top is using tailors chalk to draw a pattern on canvas

The Purpose: Create fashion with maximum heart, minimum waste 

Your garment is made for you — and only you. A made-to-order model makes sure we create your piece with as little waste as possible. You can expect your order to take 1-3 weeks to be finished and sent out for delivery. 

A blonde woman in a red top is sitting in a brightly lit room using a sewing machine

The Process: Hand-crafted in cozy Canadian homes 

Once you've ordered, your garment's details land in the laps of one of our talented sewists. Then, they craft your piece in their Edmonton, Canada, home studio.

Once finished, it's off to our shipping facility, where we tuck your garment into a sustainable poly mailer and dispatch it to your doorstep. While we'd love to personally deliver it, we prefer swing skirts to delivery uniforms, so this is where a courier takes over. 

The final step is to put your Clamour Clothing on, do a twirl, and feel good knowing you've clothed your body with a sustainable, hand-sewed, quality piece.

A person is using a french curve ruler to trace a pattern on paper for sewing a garment.

The Promise:  Each piece is researched with you in mind 

Every item with a Clamour Clothing tag is researched thoroughly — before the first stitch is even stitched. A team of experts researches how the initial design and finished garment will fit plus-sized bodies. We explore the period each piece pulls its vintage inspiration from and how you can blend those classic vibes into your contemporary look.